Sustainable Community Employment Network Enterprise

Information for participants, mentors, trainers, job-seekers, project & job providers and ethical business


The IQ SCENE (Sustainable Community Employment Network Enterprise) is a Community Employment Project developed by IQ Inc. SCENE provides for a network of community organisations, arts, ecologically sustainable industries & business.

SCENE is growing rapidly with a great crew of participants involved in a range of exciting activities on site at Island Quarry. The enterprise, supported by the federal government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy, provides a community- grounded program of participation choices that supports social and self-employment entrepreneurship and fosters working partnerships with local employers and community organisations. It aims to link IQ volunteers with community, arts and ecologically sustainable organisations and businesses to provide flexible training, hands-on experience and work opportunities from bush regeneration to web design.

“Potential partners are welcome to register with the SCENE to help make our community work for us all,” says SCENE managing co-ordinator, Shane Rennie. “The IQ SCENE is a great opportunity for participants in Work for the Dole and other “mutual contribution” programs to make the most of their voluntary work.” “You can also do your community service hours at IQ.”

Participants are offered a wide choice of work and training activities on a flexible basis. This provides opportunities to greater enhance participants’ confidence, skills & talents. Involvement in decision-making & job planning encourages participants’ self-development, team building & management skills.


  • To foster the arts, environment, new industries & sustainable technologies
  • To focus on building self-esteem & social skills
  • To help participants to find their goals
  • To provide mentors to help participants’ attain their goals
  • To help provide the links to networks & resources for personal career paths
  • To encourage sustainable & ethical practices
  • To provide a platform for social cohesion
  • To match employees & businesses to their individual needs
  • To provide a network linking the community
  • To strengthen the fabric of our community