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The 2 categories of Annual Membership

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Membership continues only if a member pays annual membership renewal by the 30th June in any year.
Membership Fees: (concession $10/ employed $20/ family $50) per year

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Island Quarry Association Incorporated (iQ Inc)

iQ Inc recognise & acknowledge the Arakwal people of Byron Bay as the original custodians of this land; & pay respect to their elders – past, present & future. iQ Inc has had a long & close relationship with the Arakwal people & agree to continue our close & consultative relationship.


Island Quarry Association Incorporated (iQ Inc) is a community based non-profit organization with a membership comprised of like-minded people who support iQ Inc’s aims & objectives.

The aim of iQ Inc is to create a model for sustainable living through the facilitation of environmental, economic and social activity by:

  1. demonstrating environmentally sustainable practices and technologies, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural and scenic values of the Island Quarry Reserve; and
  2. providing a range of recreational, educational, entertainment activities and facilities for local people, visitors and tourists to Byron Shire.

The objectives of iQ Inc are to:

  1. identify sites as potential locations for cultural & environmental projects along the iQ model, incorporating appropriate community facilities & gardens, eg: workshops, retail outlets, recycling centres, entertainment venues, exhibition and studio space, etc.;
  2. develop these sites, using ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) principles & actively promote the research, development and implementation of ESD technologies and practices;
  3. create local, regional, national and international network & resource nodes for information, education & training, while aiming to provide educational resources & employment opportunities for the wider community;
  4. promote these sites and the iQ model, linking with local, state, & federal employment, cultural and community initiatives with particular reference to:
  • arts, performance and multi-media;
  • environment and ESD;
  • indigenous and ethnic cultures;
  • youth, adult and elderly groups;
  • the under-employed;
  • minorities in the community;
  • peacemaking, spirituality and healing;
  • mutual benefit partnerships with like-minded business, philanthropists and NGO’s.
  • reinvest and support new projects, as defined above, to encourage sustainable and resilient communities


Ongoing & Current Projects

Currently, iQ Inc’s main areas of activity are:

  • providing activities, work experience, training & social opportunities for people in our community who would like to volunteer or who need to meet obligations eg. Work for the Dole, Community Service Orders etc
  • applying for funding for further infrastructure at Island Quarry Reserve
  • negotiating new road access off the new Island Quarry Lane (to be constructed) from the Ewingsdale roundabout
  • negotiating boundary adjustment or land purchase to protect Wetland area


Island Quarry Association Incorporated (iQ Inc) has adopted the structure shown below to manage its involvement in a range of activities within the local community.

iQ Structure diagram

Details of eligibility, roles and responsibilities of the members and the executive, and the interrelationships of these bodies is outlined below.

This information is a summary of the full details as provided in the iQ Constitution / Model Rules of Association.

Island Quarry Association Incorporated (iQ Inc)

The incorporated body comprising those from the community who support the aims & objectives of iQ Inc



  • to provide support to the ongoing maintenance, development & management of iQ Inc facilities, services & activities
  • to advise on management decisions as required


  • the Association comprises of Associate Members, Voting Members & Executive Committee


Responsibilities of Associate Members:

  • to support the iQ Inc aims & objectives
  • to follow iQ Inc Constitution/Model Rules of Association; & Policies
  • to support the iQ Inc executive & management in their duties
  • to support the ongoing maintenance, development & management of iQ Inc facilities, services & activities


  • to participate in iQ Inc activities


Application and progression of membership:

  • all membership applications require a completed application form to be seconded by an executive member
  • all new members are initially classified as associate members
  • progression to voting membership requires demonstration of 12 months active involvement in the associations activities and assessment of a progression application by the executive committee following the next AGM. (voting members will be notified of the date, time & location by email only; 21 days prior to the next AGM)


Responsibilities of Voting Members:

  • to be an active member
  • to participate in iQ Inc activities
  • to elect the iQ Inc Executive Committee
  • to support the iQ Inc aims & objectives
  • to follow iQ Inc Constitution/Model Rules & Policies
  • to support the iQ Inc executive & management in their duties
  • to support the ongoing maintenance, development & management of iQ Inc facilities, services & activities


Island Quarry Association Incorporated (iQ Inc) Executive Committee

A member of the Executive Committee is elected by voting members of iQ Inc (re-election term: unlimited).


  • to represent the iQ Inc voting members and associate members
  • to act as Corporate manager of the Reserve Trust for the *Island Quarry Reserve
  • to act as a decision making body on behalf of the iQ Inc Voting Members and Associate members in respect of iQ Inc activities.
    *Currently including the *Management of the Mullumbimby Railway Station (iQ Platform) and the *iQ Inc Public Liability insurance Umbrella Service.

Composition (5 minimum / quorum of 3)

  • Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Committee Member(s), Ex officio Member(s)
    *Currently: Shane Rennie (Chair), Tim Rabbidge & Alex Polo (share Vice Chair & Exec Member roles), Bronwyn Kidd (Secretary), Helen Stickley-Thompson (Treasurer)

Requirements of Executive Committee Members:

  • to attend any iQ Inc public meetings
  • to attend the iQ Inc Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • to provide iQ Inc Annual Report (to Dept Fair Trading)
  • to provide an annual report to the Minister as prescribed in section 122 of the Crown Lands Act 1989 via the Crown Reserve Reporting System (CRRS)

Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members:

  • to be active members
  • to attend iQ Inc meetings
  • to participate in iQ Inc activities/events
  • to encourage positive membership
  • to design and implement fundraising activities for the iQ Inc
  • to be available for enquiries as required
  • to ensure iQ Inc legal responsibilities are met


  • the right to refuse membership applications for iQ Inc for any reason
  • the right to dismiss any committee member, following due procedure, for any reason
  • the right to approve or disapprove of any proposed iQ Inc activities; or activities associated with iQ Inc & iQ Inc managed facilities or services.
    *Currently including the *iQ Reserve, *Mullumbimby Railway Station & *iQ Public Liability insurance Umbrella Service

Decision Making:

  • decisions are made through majority voting


  • 1yr voting member of iQ Association


 iQ Inc Roles & Activities

  1. Management of the Island Quarry Reserve

The Island Quarry Association Incorporated has been appointed by the NSW government as managers of the Island Quarry Reserve Trust for Crown Reserve 140104 for Tourist Facilities and Services.

The management of the iQ Reserve is guided by the adopted ‘iQ Plan of Management’. The Plan’s vision statement for the Reserve Trust in managing the Reserve is “to create a model for sustainable living through environmental, economic and social activity”.

The Trust Managers aim is to rehabilitate the iQ Reserve and to demonstrate environmentally sustainable practices whilst protecting and enhancing its natural and scenic values. Through the incorporation of ESD principles, the aim is to create a community Arts & Eco venue which will foster local arts, new industries and sustainable technologies, whilst recognising and promoting the valuable cultural heritage that relates to our region.

To encourage the adoption of parts of this model in catchments across the country & internationally.

  1. Management of the Mullumbimby Railway Station (iQ Platform)

Mullumbimby Railway Station (iQ Platform), is leased by iQ Inc & aims to provide affordable space for sustainable community, arts & environmental practices. A ‘Sustainable Community’ Visitors Info type centre with co-working space, pop-up gallery, activities, local info.

Eg. Pop-up exhibition space & gallery, office space, workshop space, emergency services, community café, small events, meeting space, gardens, tech cottage, etc

  1. iQ Inc Auspice – Public Liability Umbrella Service

iQ Inc can provide Public Liability Insurance to members & member organisations, upon application. This service provides affordable PL insurance cover, advice & support for sustainable community, arts & environmental activities/events; in our community & across the country; by auspicing your activity/event.

to become an associate member of iQ Inc
– to submit the Event/Activity Application, & Risk Assessment forms
– to complete an Affiliated Activity Agreement
– to follow iQ Inc policies