16th Arakwal NAIDOC Week Film Screening

Another fab fundraiser presented by Arakwal Corporation, Flickerfest & iQ Inc
Tuesday 4th July, 6.30pm

This event is a fundraiser iQ Inc & Flickerfest organise for the Arakwal Corporation & is supported by The Byron Theatre.

The Arakwal Corporation, Flickerfest & iQ Inc are thrilled to present their annual evening of inspiring aboriginal storytelling celebrating NAIDOC Week 2023 and this year’s theme ‘For Our Elders’.

This year’s programme of Flickerfest favourites is curated from the recent Flickerfest Academy® qualifying Australian competition and will take you on a special journey with some incredibly strong and powerful stories, who’s compelling voices will inspire, move and delight.

The filmmakers and film creatives featuring in the 16th Arakwal NAIDOC week screening are some of the leading lights in indigenous film today, blazing brightly on Australian screens and stage.

The programme features 9 multi award winning short films with highlights including the timely and insightful ‘Bangay Lore’, awarded Special Mention Of The Jury at Flickerfest 2023, shot in Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay by award-winning local First Nations Filmmaker Jahvis Loveday, the Tjanpi Desert Weavers delightful animations ‘Kukaputju (The Hunter)’ a story told in the language of Pitjantjatjara, as an Aṉangu elder gives a beautifully expressive account of a day hunting in the bush and ‘Tangki (Donkey)’ where three Anangu women of different generations recount how donkeys came to be well loved in their desert communities of the APY Lands before modern things like cars.

Further highlights include ‘Bunker: The Last Fleet’ a futuristic First Nations sci-fi set in 2057 written, co produced and starring acclaimed actor Natasha Waganeen (Rabbit Proof Fence, Limbo) and ‘Katele (Mudskipper)’ a stunning Torres Strait Island film about a women longing for her Island home, winner of Best Australian Short Film at Flickerfest 2023 by acclaimed First Nations filmmakers John Harvey and Gillian Moody, starring Bangarra talents Elma Kris, alongside Waangenga Blanco, who lives in Byron Bay.

A local Arakwal Traditional Custodian will welcome us all to Country on the night.

Come along & enjoy these unique stories from incredible First Nations filmmakers championing Aboriginal voices through this year’s NAIDOC theme; ‘For Our Elders’ & support the celebration of Aboriginal culture during NAIDOC Week.

Tickets also available at door – ‘subject to availability’: $17/$15 conc (+bf)
Book early – Don’t miss out!

More info: 0414 779881

16th Arakwal NAIDOC Week Indigenous Spotlight Shorts programme – 107min

View the Arakwal NAIDOC Week Screening 2023 sizzle reel here

Download Arakwal NAIDOC Week Screening 2023 programme PDF here

FLiCKERFEST 2023 Indigenous Spotlight programme

The Dress | 6m | 2022
Wri: Gaye Kennedy | Dir/Prod: Lliane Clarke | Prod: Kaye Tucker, Laura Patinkin, Sally Paradis
The Annual Debutante Ball is a big deal in First Nations Australian Aboriginal communities. When Pa reveals a secret on top of the wardrobe, a young girl’s dream is fulfilled.

Bangay Lore | 15m | 2022
Wri/Dir/Prod: Jahvis Loveday | Dir/Prod: Kiahma O’donovan
Baŋgay Lore, meaning spear in the Dyirabal language of Far North QLD, showcases how aboriginal culture is perceived when it is performed on stage, and when it is expressed in everyday society. Exploring limitations wrongly placed on the expression of aboriginal culture, it follows the journey of a young aboriginal dancer as he struggles with acceptance of his culture outside of the theatre.

Tangki (Donkey) | 6m | 2022
Dir: Jonathan Daw | Cultural Director: Tjunkaya Tapaya | Producer: Michelle Young, Tjanpi Desert Weavers
Three Anangu women recount how donkeys came to be well loved in their desert community in the time before modern things like cars existed.

Bunker: The Last Fleet | 14m | 2022
Wri/Dir/Prod: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter | Wri/Prod: Natasha Wanganeen
The year is 2057. For six years the extra-terrestrial invaders have occupied our world. The harvest of humankind has begun. When they arrived, everything was lost. For Tjarra and Reo, hope, it seems, is hard to find in the midst of a storm.

Katele (Mudskipper) | 14m | 2022
Wri/Dir: John Harvey | Wri: Walter Waia | Prod: Gillian Moody
Martha, a Torres Strait Islander woman works tirelessly in a laundromat loading machines and folding washing, ready for the collection of her boss. When a mysterious visitor arrives, Martha is reminded of the life she has left behind.

Kukaputju (The Hunter) | 6m | 2022
Dir: Jonathan Daw | Cultural Director: Yanyangkari Roma Butler | Prod: Michelle Young, Tjanpi Desert Weavers
Yanyangkari and her clever dog, Kungka, go hunting in the bush. What they catch surprises and delights them and their companions.

Generations Of Men | 15m | 2022
Wri: Aunty Nicky Hatfield, Margaret Hornagold | Dir: Joanna Joy | Prod: Elizabeth Simard, Lelarnie Hatfield-Yasso
In pre-federation Australia, a young girl travelling to the Queensland bush is forced to witness the terrifying yet powerful potential of the female body. starring Brenna Harding

Wirnitj | 15m | 2022
Wri/Dir: Karla Hart | Prod: Komixx Entertainment- Amanda Morrison, Roslyn Park, Lucy Verity
Based on the real-life experiences of Noongar Elder Aden Eades, Wirintj, retells the supernatural phenomena of stones raining from the sky. Teenager Aden & his Whadjella best friend Steven are working the camp when the arrival of mysterious and beautiful Joyce marks the beginning of extraordinary events.

The Fritz | 16m | 2022
Wri/Dir: Conor Mercury | Prod: Morgan Wright
Arriving at a party after being hit by a meteor, a nervous man (Trevor Jamieson) seeks to confront his brothers about their tumultuous past, but things don’t quite go according to plan. Also featuring Clarence Ryan and Kamahl.


Total Runtime: 107 mins